Codecademy Premium Cookies For Free 2024

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Hello dear friends. I hope you are doing well. Are you searching the internet for Codecademy premium cookies for free in 2023? Yes! Then you have landed on the right blog post. Today in this blog post, I will share the premium cookies of Codecademy, which can help you get premium (pro) access to Codecademy. Also, write a detailed guide on how to use these shared premium cookies.

Remember, Abhikr’s sharing premium Codecademy cookies are free, 100% working, daily updated, and safe to use. People who can’t afford the price of a Codecademy premium account can use Abhikr’s sharing Codecademy premium account cookies just for education and learning purposes.

What Is Codecademy?

Codecademy is an online-based web platform where programmers can learn 12 different programming languages. Codecademy offers free coding classes for everyone who wants to learn programming. If you are looking for a free Codecademy premium account you are on the right site.

Codecademy plans and pricing

Codecademy offers free programming classes in 14 languages, but the free (basic) plan is limited. Using free plans, you always have access to their basic courses. But to learn a skill or build a career, the plus and pro plan that fits your goals.

  • Plus plan: Comes with $13.99/mo billed annually or $17.49 billed monthly.
  • Pro plan: Comes with $23.99/mo billed annually or $29.99 billed monthly. (The pro plan also offers a 7-day free trial)

Please visit Codecademy pricing to learn more about their plans, pricing, and features.

How To Get A Free Codecademy Pro Account For Free?

If you want to have a Codecademy pro account for free you can active a Codecademy trial for 7 days and you can take it for unlimited times. If you activate the pro plan of Codecademy now you have a free  Codecademy premium otherwise you can use the Codecademy promo code if you have one. Or you can use Codecademy premium cookies it’s free basically, it contains the Codecademy free premium accounts and password

How to use Codecademy premium cookies and detailed guide

  1. Install “Cookie-Editor” from the chrome web store on your browser extension section.
  2. Open the Codecademy homepage and “delete all” cookies using the cookie editor.
  3. Copy cookies from shared premium 👉”Download Codecademy cookies”👈
  4. Now go to the Codecademy homepage again, and -> open cookie-editor -> click on import ->, paste copied cookies ->, click on import again, -> refresh the page.

And boom! You’ll get a Codecademy premium account using the shared premium cookies.

Is It Safe To Use Codecademy Cookies?

Yes, Abhikr’s shared Codecademy premium cookies are safe to use. These cookies won’t collect data from your browser. These premium cookies help you access the Codecademy premium account for a specific period.

Can I Have A Codecademy Premium Account For Free?

Yes, you can have a Codecademy premium account for free just go to the Codecademy website, open a trial account, and enjoy all features of Codecademy Pro plans. If you do not know how to open a pro account on Codecademy please use cookies from


I hope this blog post, Codecademy premium cookies for free, is a beneficial, helpful, and informative blog post for you. You can now access the Codecademy premium account using the shared Codecademy cookies from the Abhikr blog. In the coming days, I will share this more practical, helpful, and informative blog post about premium cookies, digital marketing tools, tips, and tricks. Please stay connected with