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Coursera Premium Cookies For Free: Hello dear friends. I hope you are doing well. Are you looking for Coursera premium cookies online for free? YES! Then you are exactly right here. Today in this blog post I am going to share Coursera premium account cookies which are 100% free and working and will help you get premium access to Coursera. I will also write a detailed guide on how to use Coursera premium account cookies. Those who cannot afford the Coursera Premium Account can use the Coursera Premium Account cookies provided by Abhikr for educational and educational purposes only and not for commercial purposes.

What Is Coursera? 

Coursera is a subscription-based online course-sharing platform. It’s an American massive open online course platform Coursera founded in 2012 by Stanford University’s computer science teachers Andrew NG and Daphne Koller. Coursera delivers online courses, certifications and degrees in different topics.

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How to Get Coursera (Plus) Premium Account Cookies?

To get Coursera courses free you must sign up to the Coursera website and purchases a Coursera premium subscription after purchasing the Coursera premium account you can get Coursera courses free. If you are a student and you have educational mail from your University you can get a Coursera Premium account free by using your education mail when you are signing on to Coursera. After signing by Edu mail, you access all Coursera courses for free. What will happen if you don’t have an edu mail, how can you do the Coursera courses for free? You can use Coursera Premium account cookies for taking Coursera courses for free. In this article, we will show you every step to getting a Coursera premium account free and enrolling in Coursera courses for free. 

Coursera premium cookies and detailed guide

Here I provide Coursera premium account cookies for free. And provide detailed instructions on how to use Coursera premium cookies.

In the “Browser Extensions” section, install the “Cookie Editor” from the “Chrome Web Store”.
Go to the Coursera home page and “clear all” cookies using the cookie editor.
Copy cookies from our shared 👉”Download Coursera cookies.” 👈
Now go to the Coursera home page and -> Open the cookie editor -> click import -> paste the copied cookies -> click import -> reload page.

And boom! You will receive a Coursera Premium account with one of Coursera Premium’s shared cookies.


I hope you find this blog post, Coursera Premium Cookies useful, useful and informative. You can now access Coursera premium account by using Coursera shared cookies from Abhikr blog. In the coming days I will publish this extremely practical, useful and informative blog post about premium cookies and digital marketing tools. Stay connected with Abhikr and share it with your friends and family.


Is using Coursera (Plus) Premium Account Cookies legal?

No, using cookies is a violation of Coursera’s terms of service, and users who are caught can have their accounts banned.

How much does Coursera Plus cost?

Coursera Plus costs $399 per year.

What are the benefits of Coursera Plus?

Coursera Plus provides access to over 90% of the courses offered by the platform, including courses from top universities like Yale, Stanford, and Columbia. With Coursera Plus, subscribers can take as many courses as they like and earn certificates of completion for each course they complete.

Can I cancel my Coursera Plus subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Coursera Plus subscription at any time. However, you won’t receive a refund for the remaining period of your subscription.

Are there any free courses on Coursera?

Yes, Coursera offers some free courses, but they usually don’t come with a certificate of completion. However, some courses offer the option to audit the course for free, which allows you to access the course material without a certificate.